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LED Traffic Lights And Its Development

LED products used in traffic lights are mainly red, green, yellow signal lights instructions, digital timer display, the arrow, etc. It requires high brightness during the day, and at night the light need to reduce some brightness to avoid dazzling. The light source of LED traffic signal lamp is composed of many LEDs, so we should consider various focuses when we design the needed light source, and there are some requirements of LED installation. If not installed well, it will affect the luminous efficiency uniformity. If the optical design is too simple, the distribution of light is mainly guaranteed by the view of LED, so it is strict to the installation requirement.

High power LED lighting, except used in attachment value products such as the car lighting lamps and lanterns, LCD backlighting, LED lamp, etc. All these can get quite generous profit. However, with the time of change the old traffic lights used in previous years and the immature led lights, the new style high-brightness tri-color LED traffic lights are widely used. Actually, the price of perfect function, high quality LED traffic light is very expensive. But the traffic lights play an important role in city traffic system and every year there are a lot of traffic lights need to update, so the LED traffic lights have a big market. After all, high profits not only good for the LED production and development of LED design, but also good for the whole LED industry.


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