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T8 LED Tube Light
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Our T8 LED tube light adopts the built-in power supply technique, so the power source is in the tube, which is easy to replace the traditional fluorescent lamps directly. T8 LED tube light has several advantages over conventional incandescent lamps. For one thing, there is no filament in it, so it will not burn out. The lifespan of the T8 LED tube light can reach 50,000 hours. Additionally, their small plastic structure makes them a lot more durable. The main advantage is high efficiency. Its beam angle can reach 120 degree and the CRI is above 70. The conventional incandescent bulbs generating a lot of heat during the light-production process, so it will waste lot of energy. The tube light generates very little heat, because much higher percentage of the electrical power is going directly to generating light. T8 LED tube light does not contain mercury.

T8 LED tube light can be applied to Large factories, production workshop, workbench, office indoor lighting. Right now, the cost of semiconductor devices has plummeted over the past decade. In the future they will play an even bigger role in the world of lighting area.

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