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Buy Dimmable LED Light Bulbs Save Your Energy and Money

Due to its excellent performance and relatively longer lifetime, LED light bulbs have been a great alternative of compact fluorescent light and incandescent lamp. AGICO market researcher estimated that LED products in lighting market will reach up to one billion by 2015. The most important barriers of LED products application are high cost and dimming system compatibility just like compact fluorescent light. The birth of dimmable LED light bulbs remarks breakthrough in lighting technology.

dimmalbe led light bulbs

Dimmable LED light bulbs are economic, energy saving, durable, lightweight and durable. It is a perfect choice to save energy by replacing LED light products of the conventional incandescent light and energy saving lamp. What’s more importance, it is capable of adjusting the intensity of light, which largely enhance energy efficiency. The rated lifetime of dimmable LED light bulbs are over 50,000 hours and most LED products are guaranteed of three to five warranty period. Due to its solid state light, dimmable LED light bulbs can be applied for home lighting and commercial lighting. It can prevent potential hire hazard in warm place and child room.

How do dimmable LED light bulbs work? It has been frequently asked by consumers who become aware and conscious of LED benefits and its technology. It is not operated at the same voltage and current rather than changing voltage just like incandescent light does. The dimmable light is given off by pulse-width-modulation and analog dimming. The relatively higher price, special installation, immature technology all of these factors set a refined room for adoption of LED dimmable light bulbs. LED light sale in AGICO said that skyrocketing technology will give a firm support of a broader adoption of LED light product.

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