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E27 LED Light Bulb
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E27 LED light bulb adopts the existing interface method and based on the luminous principle of E27 LED mono-direction. Designer makes a change on the structure of the lamps, so the distribution curve flux of E27 LED light bulb can basically be in convergence with the point of the light source.

 E27 LED light bulb is the most common series on the market at present. E27 series shares the same type of lamp holder with traditional energy-saving lamps. Hence it is convenient to install and it is unnecessary to change the lamp holder.

Meanwhile it owns the following advantages:

  1. E27 LED light bulb adopts high quality LED as its illuminant, so it is energy conservation and environmental protection, and it also has high brightness, long life quality.
  2. E27 LED light bulb body is made of magnesium alloy materials, so light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance and good heat dissipation can be seen the main advantages.
  3. The color rendering and the present of the color of light is more close to the real color of the substances and it can satisfy the different environmental needs.
  4. Its holder adopts E27 standard screw.
  5. E27 LED light bulb is equipped with a color adjustable device, so we can adjust the light effects according to your demands.

E27 LED light bulb can be widely applicable to various places, such as indoor lighting, outdoor patio lighting with rain cover and so on.

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