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GU10 LED Spot Light
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GU10 LED spots are often placed as spot or accent lighting in the hard-to-reach smaller area, which people do not want to replace too often. GU10 LED spotlight can last many times longer than conventional halogen light. GU10 LED Spots are made up of a cluster of small light emitting diodes, and is able to produce brilliant, bright, crisp, clear light can be a valuable retrofit of its halogen counterpart.

In addition, GU10 LED spots need very small proportion of electricity to give off a high level of lumens output, in other words, they get higher efficacy. As a matter of fact, GU10 LED spots use much less power to emit the equal amount of light than halogen lamps. Nowadays, the technology of GU10 LED Spotlight is able to give up to 110lm/W, and the total light output would be nearly 300 lumens. Moreover, the lamp has focused 15°, 30°, 45° beam angle to produce significant amount of usable light without much waste light as halogen lamp does. The service area need light would be stronger than or at least same as its halogen counterpart.

Furthermore, GU10 LED spots are best choice as environmentally friendly light. GU10 LED spotlight can create much smaller amount of carbon dioxide emission than incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps. As LED technology matures, the lamp can also be made with dimmable function to meet the increasing demand by the end users. Good news is that the technology of GU10 LED spotlight is continuously improving from year to year rapidly, and higher efficacy diode chips will be appeared in the market in the future.

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