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LED Sensor Tube

t8 PIR sensor tube

Model: GC-LED Sensor Tube

Lamp Holder: T8

Color temperature: 2700K~3000K, 4000K, 4500K, 5700K, 6500K

Input voltage: 85-140VAC or 180-265VAC


Model Type Lumen Flux(Lm) Length(mm) Net Weight (kg)
GC-S LED Sensor Tube GC-1.2M-22W-S 900 598 0.31
GC-0.6M-12W-S 1050 598 0.31
GC-1.2M-18W-S 2000 1198 0.49
GC-1.2M-22W-S 2000 1198 0.49
GC-1.5M-24W-S 2200 1498 0.57
GC-D LED Sensor Tube GC-0.6M-9W-D 900 598 0.31
GC-0.6M-12W-D 1050 598 0.31
GC-1.2M-18W-D 2000 1198 0.49
GC-1.2M-22W-D 2000 1198 0.49
GC-1.5M-24W-D 2200 1498 0.57


LED t8 sensor tube suppliers

pir sensor led tube



AGICO is one of renowned LED t8 sensor tube suppliers in China. PIR sensor LED tube is our advanced led lighting products utilizing PIR sensor technology to adjust the lighting automatically. It’s your ideal option to save electrical charge and enjoy the humanized lighting service. Hot products include 12w sensor T8 tube, 1200mm T8 LED PIR Sensor Tube and others.

Advantages: Compared to the traditional tube light, it can save up to 70% percent energy and a definitely long life span which can last around 50000hours. And what’s more, PIR sensor tube can adjust lighting automatically when human or car enters.

Usage Place: T8 PIR sensor tube is widely applied in underground park, warehouse, passage and other places where intermittent lighting is needed.

Our LED sensor tube can be divided into two models: GC-S and GC-D.

Model GC-S: When human being is detected, GC-S model T8 pir sensor tube turns on and after 60 or 90 seconds. By utilizing the pir sensor technology, it can turn on or turn off automatically.

Model GC-D: When idle, GC-D will remain 30% lighting in order to save energy.Once PIR sensor detects human’s presence, our GC-D model T8 PIR sensor tube is automatically lighting from 30% to 100% by MCU. The duration of the 100% brightness time lasts from 60 to 90 seconds.

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