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SMD 5050 LED Strip
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SMD 5050 LED light strip uses versatile circuit board, which has superb performance. Our 5050 LED strip is easy for cutting and connecting, which can be accomplished based on customer's distinct specifications. Beneath temperature, waterproof and dustproof, these SMD 5050 LED strips can are as long as IP68, ultra-thin thickness of 3mm, 3M double-sided tape fixed, what is more. Our SMD 5050 LED strip services existence might be above 50000H.

The flexible circuit board has good mechanical properties, which makes the 5050 LED flexible strip bended easily and arbitrarily, and can be fixed on arbitrary convex surface with fair style and welding technology. SMD 5050 LED strip can slow up the likelihood that this light bar rule isn't followed along with other top quality issues to be able to strengthen item stability. By selecting the connection between full power, high efficiency and low consumption LED chips and circuit board, we can effectively extend the control length of the of LED strip.

Purpose of SMD 5050 LED Flexible Strip

  1.  SMD 5050 LED flexible light strip works extremely well in metropolis skyline lighting (buildings, promoting wall, indications, Xmas landscape decoration) 
  2. SMD 5050 LED flexible light strip can design irregularly physique decoration (hotel / nightclub / KTV places such as polygonal walls, h2o droplets of HangTian invest polygons groove design)
  3. Family dark slot edge (door frames, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, Tv cabinet)
  4. Automobile splendor (car-body, underneath the car)
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