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The Growth of LED Light Industry India

The global LED light market is concentrated in Japan, Europe, U.S. Taiwan, Korea and India and so on, among which, Japan ranks first among world light emitting diodes manufacturers by 50% market share. It is estimated that by 2015, LED lighting industry in India expected to approach 500 million dollars. Despite the barrier facing in front of LED light manufacturers, consumers in India will witness a positive growth of lighting industry. It keeps a continuous growth 17-18 percent from 2010 to 2012. 

LED lighting industry India

Since its energy saving and green light, LED light is expected to be the perfect alternative of conventional light for majority consumers. After incandescent ban in European Union, U.S, Japan, India and etc gradually implement a series of regulation to encourage application of light emitting diodes in home lighting and commercial lighting. India government also formulates a series of measures to stimulate the growth of LED lighting industry. Nirupam Sahay, president of Phlips pointed out that light emitting diodes growth in India drives by government positive policies and its reducing price.

India market shows a bloom in upstream LED manufacturing, middle stream LED chip, and other components manufacture and downstream such as LED packaging. It forms a complex system. According to a manager of AGICO office in India, the local government revealed initiatives in researching and development, and stimulate more demands. All of these factors light LED industry India a bright future.

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