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With our knowledge of processing a wide range of commercially significant LED lights, we can supply all types and sizes of LED lights.

We give particular attention to the choice of the right technology and scale of operation, for it is that which will determine the ultimate profitability of the venture.

Once the types of the LED lights are established and the technology is chosen, our team of experienced, skilled design engineers can go to work. They bring unrivalled experience to bear in producing accurate drawings detailing, making to suit individual requirements.
Calling on the very latest technology in terms of Computer Aided Design systems, each project is specifically engineered to meet local conditions, quality standards and environmental requirements.

Our factory of LED lights specializes in the highly competitive worldwide sourcing of quality workshop services. Every effort is made to maximize local supply content to enable optimum cost savings.
Using these flexible procurement policies, supported by a thorough inspection procedure at each key stage of manufacture, enables the LED lamps to meet even the most demanding client requirements.

Our transport and documentation specialists identify and efficiently arrange the optimum delivery procedures so our LED equipment arrives at site on time and in perfect condition.
We carefully plan our shipment to coincide with progress on site and we have specialist expertise in moving very large items to locations around the world, which are often remote and require considerable planning.

Pre-sales Service
Based on product use and requirement of our customers, we will make a thorough analysis and   provide the most detailed, best quality and price ratio proposal so as to enable customers to feel at ease to choose whatever products they need.
Our customer can also get pre-sale service from our website, sales mail address and support hotline.

After-sale service
One year warranty for the whole system except human factor and force majeure
One year quality warranty, lifetime maintenance, and guarantee the maintenance time in contract.
During the warranty period: solve problems for users through the phone, fax or E-Mail. Update the software free of charge.
As to the product quality problems caused by design, manufacture, installation technology, material, the replacement and maintenance are free. The damage caused by force majeure (flood, fire, earthquake, war and so on) as well as man-made disturbance, it should be coordinate by both sides to solve.

If you're interested in our products or have any questions about it, please let us know. Don't hesitate to contact us!