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T10 LED Tube Light
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T10 LED tube light perfectly integrates electronic and inductance ballasts. With the strong support from high quality electronic ballasts, T10 shows its unique characteristics perfectly. T10 LED tube light owns distinct features like high photosynthetic effect, good color rendering, no noise and stroboscopic, anti-interference. The power consumption is as low as 2%, so T10 LED tube lights are called the classic works of new energy conservation and environmental protection products.

T10 LED tube light series adopt built-in power drive mode, which makes it easy for installation and replacement. It can save up power more than 80% and the service life is over 10 times of the traditional tube light. T10 LED tube light is almost free of maintenance. There is no need to change the tube electric fluorescent starter or ballast. T10 LED tube light adopts a green and environment-friendly semiconductor electric light source, so the light is soft and its light spectrum is more pure, which is helpful for the eyesight and health. T10 LED tube light is durable, steady, so it can work for a longer time. Besides it has no side influence to its surrounding environment. The Anti-seismic feature is also excellent, so it is convenient for transportation.

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