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E27 LED Spot Light
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There are several advantages that E27 LED spot light owns: energy saving, non pollution, fast heat dissipation. The service life of E27 LED spot light can reach 50,000 hours. Besides, it is of super high brightness, and high photosynthetic efficiency. The installation is very easy and can be adapted to the vast majority of lamps and lanterns installation interface. In addition, our company can produce and design high power E27 LED spotlight according to the customer's specific.

E27 is the code of spiral lamp holder. “E” means Edison threaded spiral holder and figures after "E” means the threads diameter integer value of the holder.  The lamp holder and the spiral thread should meet the regulation GB1005-67 "lamp holder and lamp holder with thread". E27 LED spot light lamp holder is a kind of light lamp holder for E27 lamp light source. It is a 27MM diameter head with screws interfaces and used for screwing in the connector of E27, so it is the most common type. The common bulb threaded code is E27, lamp head with large diameter is 26.15 ~ 26.45 and the small diameter is 23.96 ~ 24.26 path. The Lamp mouth with large diameter is 26.55 ~ 26.85 and the small diameter is 24.36 ~ 24.66. Rolling is the common processing method.

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