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LED Spot Light Fixture

  • Name: GC-E27-SL08 E27 LED Spot Light
  • Power: 7W
  • Input Voltage (AC): 85-265V
  • Lumens: 490-530lm
  • Color Temperature: 2700K-7000K
  • Beam angle: 15°30°45°60°80°
  • Dimensions: ¢95*H100mm
  • Base: E27
  • Lifespan: 50000H

Part No. GC-E27-SL08
Input Vol. 85-265VAC
Net Weight 470g
Power 7w
Lamp size 95*H100mm
Working Temp -20°C~ 45°C
Life Span 50,000 H
LED Brand Ultra-Bright Epistar
Color 2700K-7000K
Lamp Base E27
Beam angle 15°30°45°60°80°
Lumens 430LM
CRI 80
Approval LVD,EMC

GL-E27-SL08 LED spot light fixture adopts high quality aluminum alloy processing technic to ensure its perfect cooling effect and reduce the light decline effectively. GL-E27-SL08 LED spot light fixture adopts the unique constant-current power to ensure each LED works properly. Our LED spot light fixture adopts the advanced chip as the light source. Long lifespan, low power consumption, pure color and no pollution can be seen as main advantages of this LED spot light fixture. The LED number is 7 and its beam angle is 45 degree. The power is 9W. The lifespan can reach up to 25,000 hours. It has been widely used in many places like government buildings, for family illuminations, hotels, and public entertainment places. The traditional spot light uses more halogen lamp which is low in luminous efficiency and high in power consumption. So the service life of traditional spot light is very short. However, this kind of LED spot light fixture is much better than the traditional lighting products in the luminous principle, energy-saving aspects. This LED spot light fixture owns the characteristics of color uniformity, more optional in color temperature, high brightness, long service life and low energy consumption. The GC-E27-SL08 LED spot lights are widely used in shopping malls, halls, ambrys, the museums.

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Outdoor LED Spot Light

The outdoor LED spot light is used as a novel solid-state lighting source and it has almost non pollution and shock-proof. It can easily achieve 0~100% continuous dimming and especially it can work in safe low-voltage. The light output is the unique advantage this led spotlight owns. In recent years, the significant progress in the optical efficiency and light color has been to enable it to enter the outdoor lighting applications. The outdoor LED spot light can be used on street. Since the LED Street light is different from the traditional light source in the optical design, the traditional street lights equally distribute luminous flux of a light source on the road through the reflector. The light source of the outdoor LED spotlight is formed by lots of LEDs and we make the exposed surface obtain the uniform illumination through designing projection direction of each LED. we are manufacturer and supplier of the outdoor LED spot light and our outdoor LED spot light is good in quality and competitive in price. We would provide professional outdoor LED spot light with good services for you!