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LED Spotlight Lamp

  • Name: GC-E27-SL17 E27 LED Spot Light
  • Power: 12w
  • Input Voltage (AC): 85-265V
  • Lumens: 840-900lm
  • Color Temperature: 2700K-7000K
  • Beam angle: 15°30°45°60°80°
  • Dimensions: ¢122*H128mm
  • Base: E27
  • Lifespan: 50000H

Part No. GC-E27-SL17
Input Vol. 85-265VAC
Net Weight 470g
Power 12w
Lamp size 122*H128mm
Working Temp -20°C~ 45°C
Life Span 50,000 H
LED Brand Ultra-Bright Epistar
Color 2700k-7000k
Lamp Base E27
Beam angle 15°30°45°60°80°
Lumens  840-960lm
CRI 80
Approval LVD,EMC
Remarks Pf>0.9

GL- E27-SL17 LED spotlight does not contain infrared, ultraviolet, lead, mercury and/or other harmful substances. It is environment friendly semiconductor light source. GL- E27-SL17 LED spotlight's spectrum is pure, which is conducive to the human eyesight. It body acts as a radiator, which guarantees LED heating conduction and dissipation. So it has a long service life. GL- E27-SL17 LED spotlight lamp adopts the solid light source as its light source. At present, the lifespan of LED spotlight has reached to 25,000 hours and it mainly depends on the solid LED light source and drive heat dissipation. With the development and application of LED technology, it has achieved at an ideal condition in the drive and cooling aspect. There is no UV radiation sent out from LED spotlight and it converts all electric energy to light energy, which saves energy. The model of this kind of LED spotlight lamp is E27. The number of the LED is 12 and the power is 16W. Compared with the traditional lighting, its power is low, but the effect is much better. There are three options of beam angle: 15 degrees, 30 degrees and 45 degrees. The lumens are 850 lm and the color rendering index is 80. Its waterproof and the tightness reaches the national standard, so GL- E27-SL17 LED spotlight is safe and reliable. The input voltage is 85-265VAC. The color options are various and the LED color temperature is optional from 2700K to 10000K.

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LED Spotlight for Cars

LED Spotlight has a wide range of applications in automotive lighting field, now more and more LED Spotlight totechnology has been used in the automotive lighting. Especially the front and back car lighting systems are basically using LED Spotlight, due to its high brightness, high efficiency, straight and strong lighting, it is now playing an irreplaceable role in automotive lighting field. In recent years, for the needs in shape design of the car, the nesds for aerodynamics requirement and the demand of beautifying, automobile LED spotlight is developing towards the complicate shape and integration. The application of the present automobile LED spotlight distribution can be divided into functional lighting and beautiful adornment lighting two kinds. Functional lighting is mainly used in gauges LED backlit display instrument, front and rear turn signals, brake lights, reversing lights, fog lamps, reading lamps, etc.; While the decorative lights are the main provider of color changing lighting, the outside and inside beautifying of the car. In recent years, with the car LED brightness problems being solved and the cost is continously going down, its application will increase more and more. Such as Volkswagen has also used LED spotlight as security tail lights in many series of cars. And bolow the outside rear-view mirror, there is a set of ground LED spotlights, this lighting system can light the ground situation for the front passenger when they get off the car at night or in bad light.