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Mini LED Spot Light

  • Name: GC-E27-SL23 E27 LED Spot Light
  • Power: 3w
  • Input Voltage (AC): 85-265V
  • Lumens: 210-225lm
  • Color Temperature: 2700K-6500K
  • Beam angle: 15°30°45°60°80°
  • Dimensions: ¢50*H50mm
  • Base: E27
  • Lifespan: >50000H

Part No. GC-E27-SL23
Input Vol. 85-265VAC
Net Weight 470g
Power 3W
Lamp size 50*H50mm
Working Temp -20°C~ 45°C
Life Span 50,000 H
LED Brand Bridge Lux
Color 2700K,4100K,6500K
Lamp Base E27
Beam angle 25°,35°,45°
Lumens 260LM
CRI 80
Approval LVD,EMC

If you are searching for a bulb that lasts longer without having to replace it often, our GL-E27-SL23 LED spot light is the right choice. E27 LED spot light's lifespan reaches up to of 50,000 hours. We can offer a variety of E27 LED spot lights in different sizes. Brightness is suitable for both business places and offices. An LED bulbs feature a very direct field of light and is greatest use when light needs to be directed toward a particular object or task.

Since LED lights can not radiate light in 360 degrees like traditional filaments, light can not be wasted in areas where illumination is not required. Whether you want the lights to display products, artwork, signs safely or have a hallway light on the whole night, E27 mini LED spot lights consume less energy and save money. The light of E27 mini LED spot light can be adjusted, which can offer you all kinds of ideal photosynthetic effects, which is much better than an incandescent dimmer.

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Mini E27 LED Spotlight

The mini E27 LED spot light is a kind of the LED spot light; it is a simple micro-LED lighting. It includes light and lamp cup, the type of the lamp cup looks like a speaker, the light source is a single LED, which is the main characteristics of the mini E27 LED spot light, the lamp cup is installed on the bottom of the LED, it has the obvious advantages, comparing with the existing lighting. First of all, the focus location is accurate, the light efficiency is high and the brightness increases by about twice; secondly, it is versatile, it can be used as desk lamp, floor lamps, wall lamps, down lights and other lighting or decoration, it also can be used as flashlight with single. The technology of the LED spot light is making progress rapidly, its luminous efficiency is making an astounding breakthrough, and the prices have also been decreased gradually. This kind of mini LED spot lights of our company are environment friendly, energy saving maintenance-free, high-bright and cold light source. They are safe and reliable and virtually maintenance-free. So if you are considering buying the E27 LED spot light and wondering which one to choose, I think this kind is an excellent choice.