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The LED Tube Light Fixture - Answer to Those High Bills

If you pay electrical bills, you have sometimes wished that your energy costs were a little lower. Well, now you are in luck because an LED tube light fixture uses 70% less energy than a florescent tube light fixture. It is also very easy to replace the normal florescent tube with the LED tube because all you have to do is bypass the ballast or starter. LED tube lights come in many shapes and sizes, which make them perfect for any office or home. The variety in design means you will surely get a tube light to replace any florescent tube lights you have installed. For example, there is a U-bend tube light to replace the U-bend florescent tubes.

Traditional florescent bulbs offer a number of disadvantages to both you and the environment because they contain mercury, which is harmful to humans. People who are regularly exposed to their light for many hours may suffer from headaches and other unexplained conditions. The mercury also means the bulbs are hazardous to the environment and therefore the bulbs need to be disposed of carefully. This makes the work of replacing florescent tubes quite difficult and time consuming. LED light bulbs contain no mercury. They are therefore easy to replace as they can be disposed of just like regular waste.

LED lights are also very cost effective seeing that they consume less energy and last a long time. They can last for up to 50,000 hours. When in operation, an LED tube light fixture give out very low temperatures, which means it, is very easy to replace them without the risk of getting burned.

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