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T5 LED Tube Light
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Our T5 LED tube light owns some characteristics like high quality, durable and energy saving. It is high temperature resisting, moisture proof. Its beam angle can reach to 180 degree. The T5 LED tube light adopts the latest LED light-source technology and digital appearance design. The power saving of this T5 LED tube light can reach to 60-80%. The lifespan of T5 LED tube light is10 times longer than the traditional tube lights and we do not need to replace tubes, ballast and starter device frequently. The ray of light is downy, and the spectrum is pure, which is good for our eyesight.

The cold illuminant is 6000K that gives us the visual sense of cool and refreshing feeling, so this T5LED tube light is helpful for concentration and improving efficiency. There is no uv radiation. The traditional tube light will produce large amounts of heat energy, but T5 LED tube light converts electric energy to light energy, so it does not cause a waste of energy. T5 LED tube light body is made of epoxy resin. It is firm and uneasy to be damaged. The lifespan of the T5 LED tube light can reach 50,000 hours. There is not lead and mercury in it. The options of color temperature range are widely. We can even offer color temperature according to the customers' requests. The color rendering index is high, so the T5 LED tube light won't produce flashing phenomenon every second. It is good for our eyes. T5 LED tube light is applied to office lighting, large building body, supermarket, schools, exhibition hall, factory and square etc.

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