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Home LED Light Bulbs

  • Name: GC-E27-008 E27 LED Light Bulb
  • Power: 5W
  • Input Voltage (AC): 85-265V
  • Lumens: 400-450LM
  • Color Temperature: 2700K-7000K
  • Beam angle: 120°-180°
  • Dimensions: D60*H115mm
  • Base: E27/GU10/B22
  • Lifespan: >50000H

The GL-E27-008 LED light bulb adopts high brightness SMD LED as the light source, so the lifespan of the LED light bulb is longer than the plugin LED. The aluminium plate is used as its radiator, which is better than FR4 in material. Home LED light bulbs adopt folded chip heat-radiating structure, so radiation fin heat can fully contact with air and form convection, which is better for cooling. The traditional lamps generally are lower in light efficiency, higher in electric consumption and shorter in service life. However, the home LED light bulbs are much better than traditional lighting products in luminous principle and the energy saving aspects. GL-E27-008 home LED light bulbs use epoxy resin, not the traditional glass, so it is firm. Even if drop them on the floor. It will not cause any damage when it is switched on and off frequently. The lifespan can reach 50,000 hours. There is no lead and mercury in it, so it makes no pollution or damage to the environment. Its color temperature range is widely optional. The color rendering index is high and won't flash every second, which is good for our eyes. The number of the LED is 9 and its power is 5w. Compared with the traditional lighting, its power is low, but the effect is much better. The lumens are 450 LM and the color rendering index is 80. The input voltage is 85-265VAC. It can be used as decoration both at home and public areas.

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12 volt led light bulb for home using

LED lights are becoming more popular in homes as consumers move away from the toxic CFL bulbs. The popular LED bulbs do not use mercury like CFL bulbs, and turn on instantly. The 12 volt led light bulb is some of the most popular because it can be used in so many ways in the home. On the Christmas Day, it is an ideal choice for Christmas tree because it can match the Christmas tree well and decorate a happy and colorful Christmas Day. Besides, there are wall mounted LED lights, ceiling lights - including recessed, courtesy lights and LED reading lights. In the kitchen, 12 volt LED light bulb is used under the kitchen cabinets to provide task lighting. 12 volt led light bulb can be custom-fit to match the dimensions of cabinets. 12 volt led light bulb can also be used inside the cabinets and also custom-fit to match the inner dimensions of the cabinet. It will illuminate every corner within a cabinet and make it easy to find your stored items. For desks, and other work areas, 12 volt led light bulb creates a comfortable amount of light and helps you and your family members avoid eyestrain, while outputting 5X as much light as standard festoon lighting. 12 volt led light bulb has the additional benefit of lifting your mood in winter due to its white light. Besides, the white light from 12 volt led light bulb mixes well with ordinary lights in the home, which is an idea and perfect home lighting.