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LED Lights Used in Traffic System

1.Traffic Lights. LED traffic lights are high brightness, high reliability, low use-cost, long lifespan, etc. So they are welcome by the traffic administrative department.

2. Highway Traffic Guidance System. With the improvement of highway construction level, LED traffic guidance system has become a standard configuration product, and its market demand is big.

3. The urban road traffic induction, signs. As the traffic jam in major cities increasingly serious, LED display of road traffic induction in each city are growing rapidly.
Application advantages of LED signal lights:

1.LED signal lights is monochromatic light, which has the divergence angle:
LED illuminates monochromatic light, so it can produce red, yellow, green light by itself. The light of LED is directional, and has a certain degree of divergence angle, so it can be used in abandoning the spherical reflector used in traditional lights. This characteristic of LED solve the problem-lights of illusion (commonly known as false show) existing in traditional lights and the fade of color piece, thus to improve efficiency.

2.Cold light source and low energy-consumption
LED light source is energy saving, its significant feature is low energy consumption, which is meaningful to lamps' application.

3.Good reliability and long lifespan.
The work environment of signal light is relatively poor, because signal lights always need to suffer bad weather, so the lights must have good reliability. The service life of incandescent light is 1000 h, halogen bulb is 2000 h, but LED light bulb can last up to 35000h.


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