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LED Light Bulbs-Favorable Investment Projects in The Long Run

Currently, price of LED light bulb is about ten times more than fluorescent lamp, but related to LED's characteristics, such as lifespan, energy saving and no pollution, taking all of these features into consideration, LED light bulb is cost-effective. Compared with the fluorescent light which only last up to 5000h, the LED lamp can serve 35000h. So it is worth to pay more than 10 times to buy LED lighting. In the meantime, the energy saving would be entirely a net income. In Japan, because fluorescent lamps contain mercury, so the broken fluorescent lamps have to pay for handling toxic charge, and this charge is as much as a new fluorescent lamp. Therefore, in Japan, even use long life (10,000 hours) fluorescent lamps, the cost is equivalent to LED lamp.

In some 24 hours of continuous work sites, such as underground parking lot, 24 hours of overtime production factories, electricity- saving is also very important. A T8 LED tube lamp  can save 20 watts electricity, that is to say, it can save 20 x365x24/1000 = 175.2 KWH a year. If you have to pay 0.7 Yuan for per kilowatt-hour, it can save 122.64 Yuan a year. We can save the cost of the LED fluorescent lamp by just two year. So this is a very favorable investment projects.

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