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Some Technical Terms of LED

What are SMT and SMD?
SMT is short for surface mounted technology, one of the most popular technology and craft in the electronic assembly industry at present.
SMD is short for surface mounted device.

What is LED Display Module?
It is designed by the circuit and installation structure, it has display function, and can realize the function through simple assembly display .

What is LED Display Screen?
Display screen array by LED device through certain control mode;

What are inserted lamp modules?
Refers to the DIP encapsulated lamp lights thread through the PCB board. Making the light holes with tin by welding, this module is called inserted light module. Big view angle, high brightness and sound heat dissipation are its advantages, and small pixel density is its disadvantage.

What is Luminous Brightness?
Light intensity displayed by the LED screen, that is to say, light intensity of a square meter display.

What is PCB?
PCB is short for printed circuit board.

What is color temperature?
The color of the light source and blackbody radiation at a temperature of light hue at the same time, the temperature of the blackbody called the light colour temperature.



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