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LED Lighting in Chinese Market

Since then, things have rapidly gained pace. In 1968, the first commercialized LED (Light-Emitting Diode) produced barely 0.001 lm of red light. Nowadays High Brightness white LED lighting, generating more than 100 lm, are commercially available. Recently, a record value of 1100 lm was achieved with devices combining several LED junctions on a chip. This is a true revolution compared to the general trend: in the last 30 years, the luminous flux generated by a single device doubles each 18 to 24 months (a 20-fold increase per decade). In the meantime the price per device also rapidly decreases (a tenfold decrease per decade).
An obvious question can legitimately be asked following these revolutionary results: can LED lighting replace the traditional illumination devices (light bulbs and electrical discharge systems)?
The question is worth asking but the answer is not as obvious. Of course, many technological and scientific aspects have to be taken into account, but the most important issue is to evaluate this innovative light source in the light of today's economic and energy saving considerations.
This market is now becoming a commodity market where very few European companies are active. On the other hand, Europe can capitalize its know-how on semiconductors in order to play a leading role on the optimized performance LED market. With an annual growth rate of 30%, and the Chinese LED industry will soon be part of the world leaders.

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