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LED Strip Light Price's Dominating Price Factors

It is acknowledged that LED strip light has a competitive advantage over the normal lights. And meanwhile, it also owns a relatively high price preventing part of consumers from its energy saving benefits. Well, what are the dominating factors of LED strip light price? The question will be answered in this article.

LED Size 

Size is correlated with the cost of LED. From example, the price varies from 0603 LED to 3528 LED and from 1210 to 5050 type light. The specification of LED light is a vital indicator of its features and cost. You should not pay all attention on its price, but its comprehensive features so as to purchase a cost-efficient product.

the advantages of LED lighting


According to the origin area, LED Chip can be divided into made in China, made in Taiwan and exported one (mainly from America, Japan, German and etc). The most expensive one is exported from America, next, the one exported from Japan and German. Of course, their LED strip light prices are unaffordable for parts of consumers. LED chip made by Taiwan is of relatively low price and also the inferior quality. Before purchasing, you should have a realization of the price you can afford and your expected quality.


LED is mainly packaged by resin and silica gel. The former one is relatively cheaper than the latter one. Silica gel packaged LED is of good heat radiation.

FPC Material

FPC consists of rolled copper and copper pour. Roller copper cost higher than copper pour by its great flexibility. The choice of FPC material should be determined by the specific application environment. FPC with a UL certification costs higher than others.

In addition, LED strip light price is also influenced by its color, brightness and color consistency. In order to find a satisfied LED strip light, all of these dominating factors should be kept in mind.

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