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LED Light Industry Latest News

A professional LED light presents that there are at least four famous companies having fortune over hundred millions met financial difficulties in 2012. Their difficulty is just a corner of the iceberg. Actually, there are thousands of factories failed in this year. LED light industry is going through difficult times. Here is the latest news of LED light industry.

Overproduction is the core problem of China LED light. Many companies suffer from the unbalance of supply and consumption, the vicious price competition, and its chaotic market.

In the primary stage of LED light, the high profit and significant potential market attracts thousands of enterprises. Take Guangdong province as example, there are more than 20 listed companies in Guangdong. And meanwhile, some famous enterprises such as BYD, Tsinghua Tongfang, Changhong and etc also set a foot in LED light industry.

Overproduction enhances the difficulty of LED light exported company in the recession of the global economy. The unexploited home market also give a hit to domestic counterpart. The lighting department manager Steven said that compared to last year, the sale volume drops nearly 1/3. The high profit period in LED light product has gone.

In 2013, the largest news of LED light industry in China mainland would be corporate merger and acquisition. With the merger of two well-know LED companies, merger and acquisition may be a development trend in the following years.

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