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Does LED Light Therapy Work?

It is well-known that LED light is widely used as a perfect substitute of the traditional light owing to its high efficiency, low consumption and green light. In comparison, LED light therapy is relatively fresh for many consumers. It is widely uses to improve skin condition, heal skin wound, anti-aging, removing wrinkle, keeping healthy and so on in spas and at homes. But, most consumers are suspicious of its effect. Does LED light therapy work? The question will be answered in this article.

does LED light therapy work

As we all know, cell is the fundamental unit of our life, capable to maintain the basic activity of our body. It can heal after getting injured, reproduce and grow by using adenosine triphosphate (ATP). With the growing of our age, the restoration and reproduction of cell become weak and slow. That’s why aged people takes a relatively long time to heal after get injured. Well, Does LED light therapy work? After series of research, scientist found that LED light can motivate ATP and the generation of cell. ATP can accelerate the recovery of cell and fuel cell with energy. LED light can stimulate the reproduction of cell, and replace the injured cell of a new one. Meanwhile, LED light does not irritate or hurt skin. It is effective to heal surface wound and removes the dead cells so as to keep the skin young and dynamic.

When refers to anti-aging, does LED light therapy still work? The answer is absolutely YES! Red LED light therapy is also called Collagen Photo Rejuvenation, used extensively in cure acne, acne rosacea treatment, winkle remove and anti-aging. With the growing of our age, a series of problem such as wrinkle, fine lines accompany with the lower level of collagen. All these symptoms would get serious owing to the erratic lifestyle and unhealthy habits. LED light therapy does work by penetrating your skin and motivating the collagen rejuvenating anti-aging effects and accelerate the blood circulation to bring proteins to the surface. The collagen and elastin will refresh the elasticity of your skin so as to keep skin young and anti-aging.

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