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LED Home Lighting Bulb Development Trend

With the development of semi-conductor lighting technology, LED light products have entered the home lighting market. At the same time, the technical problems of lighting quality, its defect and a series of problem accompanied with. How long it will take before LED light becomes the mainstream in the market? How about the development trend of LED light? It will be discussed in this article.

By 2020 The Market Share of LED Home Lighting Bulb Will Reach 50%

It is difficult to give a certain prediction of LED light development trend. Lots of professionals and specialists hold the idea that by 2015, LED product will take around 30% share in the market, and at the end of 2020, it will increase by 50%. Although, there are various kinds of home light available in the market, as a novel technology, LED home lighting bulb just springs up in China mainland. It still takes a lot of time for consumer to get familiar with its superior technology, standard and even LED light itself. The popularity of LED technology just remains the primary step.

When it comes to the development of LED light, lighting department manager Steven thinks that the primary step of LED light will last two or three years. After 2025, the recover of world economy, the increasing consumer purchase power and other factors will give a positive impact on the popularity of Light emitting diodes light. By then, its market share may be increased by 70% to 80%.

The Prediction of LED Development in 2014

LED lights in mainland are mainly applied to entertainment and commercial lighting and decoration. From the technical point, LED light quality can not satisfy the strict requirement of home lighting. According to the research of global light market, LED home light bulb will not be the mainstream in the market not until 2017. Before that, the market is dominated by the traditional lights which consist of incandescent light, fluorescent lamp and energy saving light and LED light.

On the whole, the development trend of LED includes of the experimental stage (the traditional light still dominates the market, and LED light spring up.), 2012-2014 primary stage (incandescent light stays out of the market, the energy saving light becomes the mainstream.)and the mature period

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