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The Common Information of 12 Volt LED Car Bulbs

With the development of automobile industry, car lighting is also experiencing a great revolution. The latest lighting technology 12volt LED car bulbs get a wide application of car lighting. It is regarded as the fourth generation of car lighting. LED lighting is a solid-state semiconductor light, which can transform electricity directly into light without heat exhaustion.

12volt LED car bulbs own a distinct upper hand over other light. They are of long service time, quick response time, and low energy consumption, what the traditional light can’t match with. The color LED car bulbs put out is close to monochromatic light. With the less influence on the current, LED light has a relative quick response time, which means that LED stoplight will give the followers a timely response so as to avoid the danger of traffic accident.

In comparison of the normal HID light, 12 volt LED car bulbs are environmental friendly green light. A series of light pollution and security caused by the application of HID is getting more and more attention. The most significant advantage of LED car light is low energy consumption. Take the lighting demand of 10 square meters room as an example, a 40 watt incandescent bulb satisfy its needs of amount of light. A 5 watt LED light could create the same light effect.

Nowadays, LED technology in China is limited in LED outdoor screen and car lighting, decoration. A market research shows that nearly 50% new car adopts LED technology in the tail light design. And the proportion will reach 80% in the following years. By contrast, it has a wide market in US, European and other developed countries. 12 volt LED car bulbs still have a great potential in China.

The barrier of 12 volt LED car bulbs application in China is its insufficient support of top technology and relatively high price for China consumer. With its price going down, the popularity of LED technology will be achieved sooner or later.

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