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The Energy Saving Advantages of LED Lighting Products

Energy saving light is not an optional problem but what the whole world will do. A new light represented by LED light is gradually taking place of the traditional light, leading a great revolution in the lighting field. Lighting from incandescent light to energy saving light, halogen light then to the novel light LED light, the lighting effect improves with leaps. What advantages does LED lighting have? We will give you a brief introduction.

the advantages of LED lighting

The Energy Saving Advantages of LED Lighting

In 1923, scientist O. W.Lossew found out that unilateral conduction and luminescence of P-N junction of carborundum. In around 1955, R.J Haynes declared a research report of semiconductor germanium P-N junction. G.A. Wolff researched the luminescence of gallium phoshpide. In 1968, an American company Monsanto and HP company produced a red lighting LED at the first time. It marked LED light entered into market as an electronics walking out of laboratory.

Energy saving: almost all spectrum of LED is optical frequencies. We make a comparison between LED and filament lamp, spiral energy saving light, and T5 tricolor fluorescent lamp. The result shows that the luminous efficacy of light source of the traditional filament light is 121m/w, and its service time last no longer than 2,000 hours. The lighting effect of spiral energy saving light is 601m/w, and last less than 8,000 hours. The one of T5 tricolor fluorescent lamp is 96Alm/w, services around 10,000 hours. While a 5mm diameter white LED light lighting effect is 20-28lm/w, and last longer than 100,000 hours.

Lots of people still praise the energy saving light. While, on terms of energy saving, LED light consumes just 1/4 of energy saving light. It is a great improvement. In addition, the advantages of LED lighting also include: high quality light, no radiation, green light, low maintenance and etc. it will be the mainstream in the lighting field.

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