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12V LED Outdoor Flood Light Buying Notice

According to its power, LED outdoor flood light can be divided into super-power LED flood light and low-power LED flood light. Generally speaking, a single 1W LED belongs to the high-power product. 12v LED outdoor flood light is a common product in outdoor lighting and decoration.

12v LED outdoor flood light

What technical parameters of 12v LED outdoor flood light for an interested consumer should know before buying a satisfied light? Here we will introduce it one by one.

The main technical parameters: power, light color, light temperature, projection distance, lighting angle, current and control model.

1. Power. I t is a dominating factor of the projection distance. Conventional powers are 18w, 24w, 36w and 48w and so on. Heat dissipation is always an important issue in the LED light production. You’d better limit the power of one-meter LED flood light within 36w. Otherwise, light attenuation will be damaged.

2. Light Color. The color of 12V LED outdoor flood light consists of color of the rainbow, full color and monochrome. You can choose your favorite color based on individual preference.

3. Color Temperature. Each light has color, even though we think it is white. Color temperature is an indictor of the quality of light source and spectrum. Usually, it is stated in the unit of Kelvin.

4. Projection Distance. It is determined by the power and its lighting angle. The available projection distance of LED flood light is 3 to 10 meters.

5. Lighting Angle. It consists of three types: 20degree, around 50 degree and 120degree. The smaller it is the longer the projection distance is.

6. Current. The power of LED light consists of constant current, low tension and direct current. A power is needed if you want to use LED light.

Beside the six factors, the control model of 12V LED outdoor flood light is also a specification we can not ignore. All of these indictors show the quality of LED light and its application.

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