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LED Energy Saving Light Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What Is Carbon Footprint?

Footprint means that the total emissions of carbon diodes caused by person or organization. Carbon indicates petroleum, coal, lumber and other natural resource made of carbon. The consumption of carbon will result in the increase of carbon emission and green house effect. Carbon dioxide can be produced naturally and related in a series of factors which lead to the difficulty in calculate the entire carbon footprint. Home electricity is also an aspect of carbon diodes emission. The calculation formula is power consumption times .0785. By saving home lighting energy consumption can reduce carbon footprint from our life. Replacing your traditional light of LED energy saving light is an effective and simple way.

LED energy saving light

How does LED Light Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

As we mentioned above, LED energy saving light bulb can reduce your carbon footprint. Well, how does it work? All of these owe to its outstanding energy saving effects. In comparison of the convention incandescent light, LED energy saving light consumes just one sixth power and put out same lighting effect, saving almost 80%. Meanwhile, its rated life lasts 6 times as much as the incandescent light and even 3-4 times as the energy saving light. Let’s calculate on year basis, it will save around 200 litres water that used during power generation process, and the emission of silica will reduce about 1.5 kilograms and carbon diodes emission 50 kilograms. All these dates make a great significance to environment protection and carbon footprint reduction.

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