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How Much You Know about LED Strip Light Power Consumption

Power consumption is an important index of LED strip light. It’s important to calculate the power requirement of your anticipated LED strip light before purchasing. The power consumption of your light must be controlled below the load of your transformer. Otherwise, its lighting performance will be largely decreased.

LED strip light power consumption

Most LED strip lights are operated under 12/24direct current adaptor with a limited power load. Having a better understanding of your LED strip light can avoid overload of current adaptor and lengthen its lifespan. It is always sold on meter basis. Each meter has a specific number of LEDs. The power of a specific strip light is available in its product introduction. It is capable to calculate energy consumption of each LED component, each LED general consumes 1/10 watt. And then you will get the entire power consumption of your LED strip light.

Let’s take 30 LEDs per meter LED strip light for example to explain how to calculate power consumption of LED strip light. Suppose it consumes 6w per meter, if you want to get a ten-meter LED strip light, its entire power consumption will be 60watts. The watt load of your power adaptor should be close to your entire energy consumption but can not exceed the entire power of your light. A 100watts adaptor is suitable for your light. A larger adaptor is not perfect for your light since it will increase load of your light setup.

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