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Use of LED Fixtures

In general, the introduction of LEDs to the application of general lighting presents lighting architects and fixture designers with unprecedented flexibility can't be achieved with the constraints of bulbs and tubes. LEDs can slash energy use and offer greater control and directionality of light. Moreover, the light source can now become an integrated part of the LED fixture itself rather than a replaceable object to be designed around.

Meanwhile, the growing popularity of LEDs has driven innovations in the LED fixtures themselves, and also has yielded new LED subsystems that control and distribute the light. These subsystems include advanced optics that enable precise control of the uniformity and emission angle of light out of the BLU, while helping maximize the amount of light delivered through the LCD panel.

With shared needs for lower power and cost, longer lifetimes, improved color quality and the desire to eliminate light sources that contain hazardous materials, and the lighting industry can benefit from the advances of LED backlighting in the display industry. The proven technologies originally implemented in display backlights can be leveraged to accelerate the time-to-market and adoption of LED-based light fixtures.


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