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Jewelry Display Decorating with LED lights

Shop Window Lighting-Display the rare jewel, diamond, pearl and jadeware in the showcase with high-brightness, high-color rendering LED light, so the meticulous craft is showing out to us completely. In jewelry show, we put them in several cases, and put the LED light in the frame, and the light is close to the jewelry so it is strict to the shine angle. Normally, we adopt the jewelry LED lights, because they are low-power, excessive light source, and all these features show the jewelry brilliant about their multi-sections. The color temperature of window showcase is according to the material of jewelry and the surface color. The color rendering is more than 90.

Display showcase lighting-Different jewelry need different LED light. The volume of gold, platinum, silver, diamond is small, so they need high-brightness light to show them out. All of this kind of jewelry which reflexing light, so the direction of incidence of light is important which attract the custom directly. Pearl, emerald, crystal are all need to show their exquisiteness, so do not need high-brightness light. It's good to gold to use 3000k cold light illumination, and silver need more than 4200k. Different LED lights are used in different place. So it is widely used in various places.


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