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Security Specifications of LED Light Bulb

Respond to the technical improvement of LED light source, which is widely used in various fields. In 2005, UL has become the safety standard of LED light source product-Subject-8750, in order to regulate the basic structure of a general assessment, and supplement the safety standards of the LED light bulb, as the primarily safety testing judgments of the entire LED light source.
Subject 8750 security assessment and testing content is as follows:
 (1)Testing of Environment: LED light bulbs are used in different environment like dry, damp and wet places.  Safety standards have different requirements to the plastic housing, testing, warning signs (Marking), etc.
 (2) Mechanical structural requirements: The crustaceous safety is the most important, and emphasize on fire prevention, prevent electric shock as well as prevent collision performance. The thickness of the metal case, anticorrosive and physical properties of the plastic casing are also required.
 (3) Requirement of electrical structure: No contact with dangerous charged, exposed line terminal, line, use of insulation material
 (4) Other requirements: such as LED power supply, LED array, LED module and LED control module and other security and shell requirements, etc. LED light bulb's power can be the following criteria of the validation of the power supply, including UL 1012, UL 1310 and uL60950-1.

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