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More Information about MR16 LED Lights

MR16 is a standard format for halogen multifaceted reflector light bulbs. MR16 LED lamps are the compatible version using solid-state lighting diodes as light source. Compared with traditional halogen light, MR16 LED Lights are more efficient.
As most manufacturers and suppliers stress, MR16 LED lamp exceeds in the following:
1.    It's efficient: commercialized LEDs for illumination now can generate light output on the orders of tens to over one hundred per watt. In this respect, it defeats quartz halogen (~24lm/W), tungsten incandescence (~15lm/W).
2.    It's "cool": the output from LEDs don't contain infrared radiation which warms up the enviroment. Their heat is generated within the junction, which is dissipated by heat sinking.
3.    It lasts longer: average rated life, as quoted by manufacturers, is typically 30,000-50,000 hours depending on the product.
However, there are drawbacks for this new illumination technology, and these drawbacks become more significant in small-sized ones. For example, MR16 LED bulbs which is only 50mm in diameter and 50 to 80mm in height to comply with its standard. The restricted space limits number of LEDs that can be mounted. Typical spotlights with 1 to 9 devices (or 1~9 W in power) are still second to their halogen counterparts despite of its efficiency of several times.
In general, as a cutting-edge product, MR16 LED bulbs have their unique advantages and inherent drawbacks. Multiple elements should be considered when are applied for halogen replacements, especially for critical illumination tasks.

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