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The LED Strip for Jewelry Counters

People who usually go shopping can easily notice that in jewelry stores, the lights are always very dazzling, which could make the jewelry look crystal clear and glittering, aiming to stimulate costumers’ purchasing desires. How to highlight the value of commodities with reasonable lighting has become an important question concerned by most jewelers. And the interior characteristics of the LED strip enable it to be the most appropriate product working as the counter light. In this passage, we mainly talk about the application of the LED strip for jewelry counters.

The “surface color" refers to the color reflected by the jewelry when illuminated by the light source, which plays a very important role in counter sales. So jewelers need to select suitable lights for the surface light distribution of the jewelry. However, in reality most businessmen only consider stronger lights and more gorgeous atmosphere. The result does not correspond to the ideal effect and will cause unnecessary energy wastes. In addition, large heat production and ultraviolet radiation may damage the original color and gloss of the object. Especially for some organic gems such as pearls, corals, and ambers, the structure and the chemical components may also be influenced. The dazzling lights may also cause negative mental influences upon customers and assistants.

The jewelry itself has strict requirements upon the light source, which the LED strip could perfectly meet: it has high luminous efficiency (80LM/W), low heat production, good color rendition, and uniform lights. At the same time, the LED strip could avoid the fading of textile fabrics and the tendering of plastics because it does not contain any ultraviolet rays. The light color is stable during the whole validity service life, and it is not sensitive to temperature changing.

At the same time, the LED strip could promote the purchasing activities: it could guarantee that the counter looks bright and eye-catching; it could beautify the whole jewelry store and create a comfortable as well as pleasant purchasing environment; it could clearly reflect the correct color of the jewelry and display the delicate craft; it could save energy and is almost maintenance-free. A good lighting effect could bring excellent sales performance.

The application of the LED strip should base on specific demands. Different jewelries need to cooperate with different lights. For example, the lights needed for gold, emeralds, and diamonds are fairly different.

The lighting of jewelry counters should consider many factors: the light color, illumination level, brilliance, temperature, color rendition, infrared fibers, and ultraviolet fibers. Thereinto, we mainly consider three factors: illumination level—it could display the grade of the jewelry shop and sales staff; brilliance—it refers to the reflected light of the jewelry when illuminated; color rendition—how clearly the light could reflect the correct color of the object. With higher color rendition, the delicate craft and real color could be revealed more clearly.

With the development of LED technology, the unique effects of the LED strip have been fully revealed. It has soft lights, rich light colors, and small heat radiation. The installation is elusive. With appropriate design, the LED strip could organically cooperate with the illuminated object, and it will inevitably replace traditional lighting fixtures. Halogen lamps appeared in 1960s, which is small and could match with other lights easily. So for a time, halogen lamps are widely applied in business. Here, we conduct a comparison of the LED strip and traditional halogen lamps:

1)The lifespan: the lifespan of the LED strip is 50,000-100,000 hours, which is more than 10 times that of common energy-saving lamps and 50 times that of incandescent lamps. However, the lumens depreciation period of halogen lamps is fairly short, which is even less than one year.

2)The power consumption: the LED strip could save 50-90% energy than traditional lamps. For example, the brightness of an 18W LED light is even higher than that of a 100W metal halide.

3)The luminous efficiency: the spectrum of the LED strip almost all concentrate on the visible frequency range, so the luminous efficiency could even reach 80-90%, which is 1.6 times that of common energy-saving lamps, 4 times that of halogen lamps, and 5 times that of incandescent lamps.

4)Safety: the LED strip will not produce any ultraviolet rays and heat radiation during working. Thus it could store the value of your product, and prevent your employees from long-term exposure to radiation. At the same time, a great purchasing environment could also be created for customers.

As the living stand improving, people pay more attention to health and environmental protection. Take halogen lamps for example, they produce much ultraviolet rays during working, which may cause cancer and eyesight failures. Long-term exposure may also cause damage upon human immune system.

Common costumers may not understand that halogen lamps are bright but unpleasant to look at, because they contain ultraviolet rays. The yellow lights may cause people misunderstanding the color of the object. The high heat production may damage the jewelry and cause energy waste. Only the high-efficiency LED strip could solve this problem, save energy, and reduce the operating cost.

5)The light quality: the lights of the LED strip have strong penetrating power and three-dimensional senses, which could project lights with a long distance. Thus the grade of the jewelry is improved and the value is clearly displayed.

6)Environmental protection: the waste of the LED strip could be easily recycled, so it will not cause any pollution upon the environment. At the same time, unlike halogen lamps, it does not contain toxic materials like mercury.

7)The color rendition: the color temperature of the LED strip is available in a wide range: 2600-10000K (warm white, natural white, and true white). Depending on different jewelries, we could design targeted lighting and highlight the value of the jewelry furthest. However, the color temperature of halogen lamps is not stable, and the whiteness of lamps is greatly different. Utilizing a high-quality LED strip to stabilize customers mentally and reveal them the beauty of the jewelry is the basic aim of all jewelers.

The high-quality LED strip adopts aluminum shell, which looks artistic and classy. Aluminum base is also used for good heat dissipation, and the installation is easy even for nonprofessionals: it has small holes on it and could be directly fixed with screws. All in all, our LED strip is designed for jewelry counters, and it is always your best choice.

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