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The Market Analysis of the LED Strip Lighting

For over half a century, popularizing green lighting is always the important measure of each country to achieve energy conservation, reduce environmental pollution, and deal with climatic changes. As the semiconductor lighting (i.e. the LED lighting fixtures) has obvious advantages, such as high lighting effect, long service life, high safety, eyesight protection, and environmental protection, it has become the lead of the green lighting industry definitely.

With the promotion of the world-wide development trend, the LED strip lighting industry emerges as the time requires. This sunrise industry fairly corresponds to current theme of the world and will become the main stream in the future undoubtedly. Especially in 2009, European Union took the lead in publishing the prohibition plan of incandescent lamps, and the energy conservation issue was promoted continuously, which bring the LED strip lighting industry great market opportunity and optimistic outlook. 2012 is a crucial year for LED lighting. In this year, each country starts to forbid incandescent lamps. The strong support of the governments earns a rapid development period for LED products. Funds from various sources are invested in this “green” field. It is predicted that in 2020, the production value of flexible LED light strips will achieve dozens of billion dollars. We could say that the LED strip lighting has a huge market full of opportunities, and the development potential is fairly tremendous.

For now, China is the largest manufacturing country and consumer market of lighting fixtures all over the world. In the near future, the LED light sources will rapidly replace current incandescent lamps and even energy-saving lamps. Popularizing the LED strip lighting with all efforts is the key point of national economical development in China now, and deepening people’s understanding about energy conservation as well as LED lighting fixtures is the foundation. China has published a route chart of eliminating incandescent lamps, which shows that from October 1st, 2012, the selling and importing of 100W (and more) incandescent lamps will be forbidden; from October 1st, 2012, the selling and importing of 15W (and more) incandescent lamps will be forbidden. This route chart implies that incandescent lamps for common lighting are gradually stepping down from the stage of history from this year, and the future of the LED strip lighting is coming officially. The LED lighting industry corresponds to our national strategy of energy conservation as well as emission reduction, so it will acquire the support of other industries and the market demand.

As incandescent lamps being eliminated gradually, subsidies from the government for energy-saving lighting fixtures has promoted the LED strip lighting market greatly. The industry even regards 2012 as the first year to popularize LED products for indoor lighting, and LED strips are gradually entering the family lighting market. However, to conquer the family lighting market further, there is still a big difficulty—the price. The price of LED lighting fixtures is higher than traditional lights. In recent years, the situation is better: the price has dropped about 35-50%. We could believe that in the near future, the price of LED strips will fall to a degree that common families could afford. And at that time, it will be the era for the LED strip lighting. At the same time, as LED products appear in the market on a large scale, their application and popularization have entered a new stage. For now, there are more and more costumers adopting flexible LED strips, which greatly stimulates LED enterprises to invest more funds for the development of LED strip lighting industry.

With the improving of living standard, customers are no longer just content with pure “lighting”; instead they start to pursue a healthy and green life. Along with the national wide advocating of “energy conservation and environmental protection”, people have a deeper understanding about LED lighting fixtures. At the same time, the performance and parameters of the LED strip lighting has passed the test of practice, such as the long service life, high efficiency, low power consumption, and environmental protection. The parameters are not “improving” but “been improved”, and the LED strip lighting is looked promising. The applications of LED strips are various and flexible, and their price is relatively lower than other LED products. Nonprofessionals could also enjoy the pleasure of DIY. Thus we could say that the LED strip lighting actually is the pioneer product of the whole energy-saving industry. With the support of the government and various subsidy policies, LED industry shows a scene of prosperity again.

LED strips could be so popular not just because of the strong support from the government but also because of their interior unique characteristics. Traditional light sources include incandescent lamps, halogen tungsten lamps, fluorescent lamps, and high intensity discharge lamps. Compared with them, the LED strip lighting, which adopts super bright LEDs as the light source, has lower power consumption, higher lighting effect, longer lifespan, and quicker response. It is a solid-state lighting fixture which could perform digital control. Different from common incandescent lamps, the LED strip lighting has no filaments and illuminates with diodes, so it is more stable and environmental.

Generally speaking, the technology of the LED strip lighting has been very manure. It is the ideal product for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Our LED strips adopt super soft PCB board as the base and super bright LEDs as the light source, the illuminating angle of which is more than 120 degrees. The application of LED strips is easy and flexible: it could curve and stretch arbitrarily; it has various colors and slim shape; the length is adjustable according to specific demands; it has 3M double sided adhesive tape on the back for easy installation. Our LED strip lighting adopts special waterproof materials and could work normally under the temperature of -20°C to +40°C. It could be applied for the indoor decoration as well as shop window lighting. We guarantee a three-year warranty period.

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