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LED Strip Lights Serving as Counter Lights

In the shopping center, a variety of commodities can always stimulate people’s purchasing desires. In fact, few people have realized that commodities are not the only factor that attracts people. The counter light also plays a very important role in this situation. The so-called “counter light” refers to the lighting fixture installed inside the counter which adopts LEDs as the light source. This kind of lights could project lights with strong penetration and three-dimensional senses to commodities in a short distance. We often see counter lights for jewelries, which could improve the level of jewelries and display their values. With the decoration of the counter light, the jewelry looks very mellow and gorgeous.

According to the installation method and illuminating effect, counter lights could be divided into two kinds: hard LED strip lights and poling LED spot lights. Their biggest difference is that the later pays more attention on collective lighting, and its lights have a fixed projection angle. Thus the poling LED spot light could highlight the commodities and form a sharp contrast with the background. However, its fixation and installation are more difficult than the hard LED strip. In this passage, we mainly talk about the advantages of LED strip lights serving as counter lights:

1. The LED strip lights are of small volume, and they could be seen as hidden light sources to some degree. Basically, LED is a small chip which is sealed inside the epoxy resin. The hard LED strip, which arranges LEDs (either SMD LEDs or Plug LEDs) on banded PCB board, also keeps this advantage. It could be fixed around the four corners above the counter and does not occupy any exhibition space for commodities. In this way, the counter looks much neater and more beautiful. The LED strip lights could adapt to different shapes of counters. The various and changing colors could provide customers with diverse effects.

2. The LED strip lights have high brightness, so they could reflect the overall features of the commodity. The luminous flux is around 1200-1300LM. Our company adopts imported super bright tri-chip LEDs as the luminous body, the beaming angle of which can reach as much as 140°. The hard LED strips could change most of the electric energy into luminous energy, and their spectrum almost all concentrate on visible frequency range, which greatly reduces energy waste and creates the high luminous efficiency of the product (which is more than 100LM/W). For example, the brightness of the white LED could even reach 4000~5000mcd.

3. The LED strip lights have high color rendering index and strong three-dimensional senses, so they could strengthen the values and beauty of commodities, which may help stimulate people’s purchasing impulses. Compared with fluorescent lamps, the color rendering index of the LED strip lights is much higher, which is about 80. So they could better reflect the color of objects. Take jewelries for example: warm white lights (2700-3200K) are suitable for gold and agate; true white lights (5600-6300K) are suitable for mosaic gold, jade, and emerald; cold white lights (7000-8000K) are suitable for diamond, platinum, silverware, and crystals.

4. The LED strip lights are typical green light sources. The lighting for counters should first guarantee the safety of commodities. Traditional lights may produce heat and ultraviolet or infrared rays during working, which may damage commodities or cause color fading; while the lights of hard strips are of high-quality, which contain no radiation, flares, heat, ultraviolet and infrared rays. Meantime, they are environmental and could be easily recycled. In addition, our strips adopt low voltage and small current, which is safe for both old people and children. In a word, the LED strip lights could solve all of your problems about counter lighting.

5. The installation of LED strip lights is fairly easy. Hard LED strips are different from flexible ones, which adopt hard PCB as the circuit board. The selection of components depends on specific demands: either SMD LEDs or Plug LEDs. They could be easily fixed around the counter, and their processing as well as manufacturing is also very simple. During installation, customers could just stick the aluminum slot inside the counter, and the conducting wire should be as short as possible.

6. LED strip lights are energy-saving and have a long lifespan (which is around 50,000 hours). This is the common feature of LED products. As counter lights need to light all day long, the long lifespan is very essential. Customers do not need to replace the light frequently. The power consumption of the LED strips is very low, so they could save plenty of electric charges for customers. At the same time, the anti-shock performance of the LED strip lights is excellent, and they do not contain fragile components like tungsten filaments or glass shells, so the hard LED strips are durable and almost maintenance-free. Only high-quality lighting fixtures could display the high quality of commodities, and our LED strip lights are your best choice for counter lighting.

The counter lighting has strict requirements: the lighting fixture should not only reflect the color of commodities faithfully but also reduce the heat production. The traditional metal halide lamp can not meet customers’ specific demands now: it produces ultraviolet rays and large amount of heat during illuminating; it has low color rendering index but large power consumption.

The appearance of LED strip lights have perfectly solved above problems. As cold light sources, the heat production is greatly reduced when compared with traditional lamps. At the same time, the LED strip lights have high lighting effect, which could transform most of the electric energy into luminous energy. Our hard strips could be applied in various kind of counter lighting, such as jewelry counters, cosmetics counters, watch counters, glassware counters, cultural relic exhibition counters, and wine counters.

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