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Special-purpose LED Spotlights and Floodlights

We have talked about LED module in previous articles. In this article, we are recommending some special-purpose LED spotlights and LED Floodlights. There are numerous LED spotlights and floodlights that facilitate specific lighting tasks. The most popular are the ellipsoidal LED spotlight, the LED strip, or LED light, and a variety of small LED Floodlights.

Ellipsoidal LED spotlight 

The ellipsoidal LED spotlight is used for special effects. It produces an extremely sharp, high-intensity beam that can be made rectangular or triangular with movable metal shutters.
Some ellipsoidal LED spotlight has a slot next to the beam-shaping shutters that can hold a variety of metal sheets with patterned holes. Such metal sheets have acquired a variety of names, depending on the company that produces them or the LD who uses them. You may hear lighting people call them "gobos" (which can also mean the cutouts that are placed in front of a light source or camera) or "cucoloris".

The LED strip light is used primarily to illuminate cycloramas (the seamless background curtain that stretches along studio or stage walls), drapes, or large areas of scenery. There are LED strip lights available that can light up a cyc portion with a great many colors without the need for color gels.

Small LED Floodlight 

The ENG task of lighting up an interior quickly and efficiently to get sufficient base light has been greatly aided by small but powerful floodlights run off regular household current.
Special-purpose LED spotlights and LED Floodlights are good for your special use.

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