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On-growing LED Module

Synthesis study efforts revealed that there are several aspects to successful LED traffic signal module practices including purchasing, monitoring, maintaining, and replacing LED modules. Each of these issues is interrelated and cannot be considered in isolation. Understanding successful practices is an evolving science and users of LEDs should continue to monitor industry practices. Purchase specifications should also consider requesting degradation information from manufacturers under varying operating conditions.

The issue of LED module life and LED module degradation also warrants national attention, but would be best done at the regional level, primarily because it is impractical for most individual level, primarily because it is impractical for most individual agencies to undertake the research necessary to determine the most cost-effective maintenance strategy and because performance is affected by the operating environment. Future research would include development of a better understanding of LED module life by color under differing operation conditions including duty cycle and operating environment. Additional research would also include the development of suggested practices for monitoring and maintaining LED modules so that understanding of performance could be refined over time as LED modules continue to evolve.

The professional expert estimate that years 2017 and beyond-Start replacing 10% per year, estimated to be about 95 and ramp up to 200 by year 2026 when all signal heads will use LED modules.

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