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LED Module Provide Brilliant Light Consuming Less Power

It is well-known that solid-state LED technology provides a brilliant white light while consuming far less power than a conventional incandescent bulb of the same brightness. The limiting factor was the overall output of an individual LED module, which was low in comparison to other available light sources. Attempts were made to gang multiple cluster of LED to increase output, but these clusters could not be paired effectively to a reflector.

To overcome these limitations, UK uses a new type of larger, more powerful third-generation LED, and created a special non-parabolic reflector to channel the light output into a forward-focused beam.

The LED module consists of an aluminum substrate having outstanding thermal conductivity and a mount for LED chips being formed into fine cavities with high reflectance to improve light recovery efficiency. Furthermore, the condenser of this LED module is filled with high-refraction index resin on the basis of optical simulation.

LED module allows lighting environments to be easily changed or adapted by switching beam angles, color temperatures or light output at the LED module level, without any change to the luminaries. It therefore enables manufacturers to deliver a variety of lighting effects from a single luminaries design and to take advantage of future technology improvements, pre-or post-installation.

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