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Various Usages of LED Power Supply

1.Mobile DC LED Power Supply Adapter

Use a 12-volt source to run and recharge any battery powered device using less than 12 volt DC. Our LED power supply delivers stable DC power at 3, 4,5,6,7 or 12volts at up to 2.0 amps. Voltage varies less than 0.5 volt in our tests. It is perfect for your camera. The 6-foot fused input cord with LED power indicator plugs into any lighter socket the 1-foot output cord has six adapter plugs. A storage compartment in the power supply holds your spare plugs to prevent loss.

2.Use for PC Power Supplies

Run and recharge your PC from any 12-volt DC source. Available in 65 or 100 watt output voltage varies less than 0.5 volt from zero to full load in our tests. External voltage adjustment is recessed for safety. Two-foot fused input cord with LED power supply plugs into any lighter socket. Four-foot output cord has six different LED power supply to fit almost any PC laptop with a round power socket.

Our medium-size power supply delivers AC or DC and comes with a 12Ah battery. The built-in inverter delivers 150 watts AC. It has a single DC lighter socket and a DC charge input port. The pair of 6 watt fluorescent lights will run over 15 hours on one charge.

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