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Principle of LED Wall Washer Light

Due to the large volume of LED wall washer light, heat dissipation is one important thing need to consider. It is easy to design but in practical use sometimes constant current driver is not so good, and few of them break. How to make LED wall lamp operate better, especially in control and drive , so it is vital for us to learn some knowledge of LED constant current drive.
Related to the high power LED products, we will mention constant current drive, but why we call it LED constant current drive?
No matter the size of load, the change of the current LED to remain the same circuit is called LED constant current drive. If the LED wall washer lamp uses 1 W LED chip, we usually use 350 MA LED constant current devices and the aim of using LED constant current drive is to increase the life of the LED light. Whe ther constant current source is good or bad is according to its efficiency and stability, and it is my choice as far as possible, high efficiency of constant current source, so it can reduce the energy loss and temperature.
The application of LED wall washer lamp and the main effect of LED washer wall lamp is controlled through the built-in led microchips. It can be used  in the small engineering without controller, jump to change, gradual change color flashing, random gleam, change the dynamic effect, such as alternately can also pass the control to realize DMX chase and scanning and so on.

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