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Some FAQ about SMD LED Strips

1.What is the wattage of each single SMD LED strips?
The wattage per bulb is the same no matter what color the bulb is, or what its lumens are. Each color in the spectrum has a different brightness for a given amount of power behind it. This strip draws 1.4 watts per foot, and there are 18 bulbs per foot, so each bulb draws only 0.08 watts!
2.Can these SMD LED strip's be dimmed? If so, what should we do?
All of our LED Strip Lights are dimmable. You can either use our 12V Inline Dimmer Switch in conjunction with a 12V DC driver or adapter.
3.I want to install the Flexible LED Light in my cabinets. Would your product work if I used one dimmer driver? If so, where would I place it? I perfer one no more than 12 feet.
The dimmable driver will dim up to 35 feet of our Flexible LED Lights. You can hide the dimmable driver in a cabinet or attic, or wherever you think is the most convenient, once you've determined the mounting location of the dimmable driver.

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