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Thermal Management Technology of LED Lighting

Thermal management technology of LED lighting is different from traditional light bulb. With the efficiency of LED going higher and higher, there still have lots of electrical energy converted to heat energy. According to the study of Energy Department of US shows, the 75%-85% of the power which is used to drive the LED chip to the below PCB, radiator, shell or light source structural components, etc. Too much heat will reduce LED light output and off color temperature. So thermal management has greatly influence on performance and life of LED lighting, such as light decay will result in shortening of life and some other long term effect.
Our R&D center is always specialized in the research of international high level electronics technology. We introduced the Japan's leading LED thermal management technology in 2009, through the application of unique thermal structure design and high-tech thermal radiation material, it can transfer internal heat quickly to external of the LED lighting, and keep the working temperature inside the LED lamps at 40-50 degrees. This technology guarantees the lower light decay and longer life of our LED lighting. The lifespan is 10 times longer than conventional fluorescent light.

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