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About LED Light Failure

1. What is LED light failure?
LED light failure is that light was reduced in the signal transmission. But now the light failure degree of LED products made by global giant LED manufacturer is different. High-power LED also exist the phenomenon of light failure, it directly related to the temperature, and determined by die, phosphor powder and the encapsulation technology.

2. Two main factors influenced the LED light failure:

1) The quality of LED:
The bad quality LED chip make the brightness decay quickly. Due to the bad production technology, heat of LED chip can't dissipate from the PIN, as a result of intensifying the LED chips' attenuation.

2) The problem of service conditions:
Although there are many reasons lead to the LED light failure, the key reason is heat dissipation. Although many manufacturers do not pay special attention to the heat dissipation of subprime products, in the long run, the light failure degree of this kind of subprime products is higher than the good heat dissipation LED products. Thermal resistance of LED chip, silver glue, heat dissipation substrate, and colloid and gold line are all influence the light failure. Generally speaking, the main factor which influence the LED lifespan is heat dissipation.

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