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Detailed Annotation about LED Fluorescent Size: Difference of T5, T8 and T10

Common used LED fluorescent light sizes is T5, T8 and T10, T5 tube lights are used in commercial used tri-tubes grouped

T is short for Tube, means tubular light. The number after T is the diameter of tube lights.  One T is 1/8 inch. One inch is 25.4mm. One T is 25.4÷8=3.175mm
The diameter of T10 tube is(10/8)×25.4=31.8mm.
The diameter of T8 is (8/8)×25.4=25.4mm( just one inch) and the common length is 52mm.
The length and power of fluorescent light:
8w: length is 310mm;
14w: length is 570mm;
20w: length is 620mm;
30w: length is 926mm;
40w: length is 1230mm

LED fluorescent tubes are made in accordance with the specifications of common fluorescent lamp, the size is nearly the same, and the light base is same, so it is easy to replace the common fluorescent lamp with the LED fluorescent tubes. Compared to common fluorescent lamp, LED fluorescent tubes is energy-saving, eco-friendly, so it is becoming more and more popular. There is no turn on wait for the tube lights.LED tubes is great for business lighting, home lighting, accent lighting, or office lighting. LED T8 Tube Lights work in homes, offices, boats, RVs, buses, trains, for cabinet lighting, task lights, etc. Since you remove the ballast you save even more energy costs and replacement costs.

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