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LED Chip Used in LED Module

The irradiation angle of our LED chip is about 120 degrees. We combined the two high-power LED chips and made one chip that irradiates lights in almost all directions. This has improved LED chip requires 120mA of current, but it is too bright for our eyes. So, one resistor is built into the circuit, cutting the current in half.

This circuit has one battery module, and it needs three AA dry cells to emit the LED light. The LED chip of this module is about 5mm square, so the chip can be placed inside a model through the narrow slit between papers. It does not need another structure to hold the LED chip. The battery module remains outside the model. This battery module is a small black box 7cm in width, 4.5cm in depth, and 1.5cm in height. This small box can be used as a stand for the model.Usually, modular folders understand the structure of modules, and they can follow the instructions for assembly. However, it is difficult to make a clear image of the inside pattern of the completed model. High-power LED is an excellent tool to show the hidden structure of the interior of modular works. The structure appears as a shadow pattern on the model's surface. Now we can see these patterns directly from the outside of the models. A high-power LED will produce not only beautiful lamps but also some interesting view points about the world.

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