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Production Process of LED

High-brightness light-emitting diode is a new start-up industry. Here we just talk about one kind of LED production processes, and different manufacturer has different production process. The equipment used by manufacturers may be different too, so does the practices of each process and chemical formula, etc. Even different manufacturers have reversed manufacturing processes from each other.
But the fundamental things apply in all field, their main thoughts are the same: The growth of epitaxial films (formation of PN junction)--Electrode production (Gold electrode, Aluminum electrode)
LED production process mainly divided into three stages: Earlier stage, Middle stage, Last stage. In technical term: Material growth, device packaging and chip preparation.
1.    Earlier stage: Wafer substrates and epitaxial layer growth
2.    Middle stage: Grinding, deposition, lithography, cutting and other processes
3.    Last stage: Depending on the need to make the LED package into a variety of forms.
This is just some easy process of LED production process. I hope this article can give you help. More information about LED products in the

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