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Cheaper LED Lighting-OSRAM Breakthrough

"International lighting industry giant OSRAM has just announced a research breakthrough that will make the cost of LED light bulbs sink like a stone." Cheaper LED lighting is the hope of these shortage resources 21st century.

"One reason that high-performance LED lighting are relatively expensive now is because they are typically made by layering various compounds onto a sapphire substrate. OSRAM substituted a far cheaper (to say nothing of ubiquitous) substrate, silicon. That sounds simple enough but the challenge is to maintain a high level of performance and durability while using cheaper materials. So far, things are looking good: the research is still in the pilot stage, but the company is so confident that it is already predicting success. The next step is a series of tests in real-world conditions, with a market-ready product available in about two years."January 14, 2012 By Tina Casey

The expensive price of LED lighting make the LED lighting difficult to popularize, so cheaper LED lighting technology is needed. Although the research of OSRAM is in the pilot stage, but it will supply us a kind of mature cheaper LED lighting sooner. And the way, replacing the traditional lighting with cheaper LED lighitng, will be easier. 


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