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Five points LED lighting manufacturers in Germany Should Know

As we talked in the last news, German is an important importation of LED lighting products in the world. There are five points LED lighting manufacturers should know about Germany lighting market.

First: Get CE and ENEC Quality Certification

LED energy saving light

CE is compulsory quality certification in European lighting market, especially in Germany Majority consumers prefer products with CE and ENEC market. It is beneficial to get both quality certifications for LED lighting products manufacturers. ENEC is a certification certificate issued by CENELEC (European Electro Technical Standardization Committee) demonstrates the product passes functionality verification and complies with the high safety level. Although ENEC is not compulsory as CE, it’s helpful for LED lighting manufacturers in Germany

Country Wholesale Supermarket Distributor Department Engineering Adversting
Germany 15% 48% 17% 7% 8% 5%

Second: Distribution Channel

Having a better understanding of distribution channel in Germany is beneficial for each LED lighting suppliers. The most effective distributional channel of lighting is market retail, which takes approximately 50% shares, and distributors and retailers taking over 10% shares ranks second. For LED lighting manufacturers in Germany, the success sale strategy should bases on supermarket retailing and partially relies on distributors and retailers.

Third: European lighting market is monopolized by the world-leading LED lighting products manufacturers such as Philip, and OSRAM. The only developing room for small LED lighting manufacturer is providing the original equipment for famous lighting enterprises in Germany. For example, Lextar LED lighting company in Taiwan has been the original equipment manufacturer of Philip and OSRAM since 2010.

Fourth: Low consumer awareness of LED light makes it hard for Germany consumers to accept. Primary step of LED sale in Germany is educating consumers on the advantages of LED lighting and yourself, LED lighting products manufacturer.

Fifth: European lighting market is dominated by the leading light companies. In order to take a share, your products should be of distinct characters and high technology.

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